This “non-project” is the occasion to throw light on some critical topics regarding architecture and, more in general, the contemporary culture of dwelling. As a metter of fact in the title itself  “house sweet home” a contrast can be clearly found: the values included in the idea of dwelling are on a different level in comparison with those of the idea of “home”, and they often oppose one another. With the first concept we remain in the sphere of rational comfort, with the second we get into a world that concerns more the human being, the individual or his specific humanity.

If one hand we have a situation of ideal fixity, on the other a peculiar world appears without lacking in contradictions. Going back to the argument in the architectural context, or regarding the architect himself, the game we are introducing is at the same time a didactic description of the dichotomy inside the subject, an explanation of two worlds facing each other, a rough copy of an indefinite and possible project (consciosly not original). Starting from the fixed pattern of couple wrapper content the external structure points out itself as a dwelling, architectonic component and representative in the city, while we commit the idea of home to the interior. Thus the dwelling, connected here with the building, becomes abstract, transparent, technological, minimal, it keeps up with the fashion of time and, in conclusion, it becomes an architectural element as it is. The interior, on the contrary, without giving up its need of being space, plays the role of representing the home or rather the everyday life, narrated through real images.

From here on the interpretations and the questions given by the statement of this subject become numerous: from the imagined house to the accomplished home; from the fake and unreal house to the true home; from the desired house to the achieved home; from the house of the architect as an author to the home of the architect as a dweller; from the architecture “habitability”, meant as order, to the “beauty” of dwelling, meant as disorder. And so on.  GB | 2000   (feat. A. Bianchi)


comments on the contemporary living

a cura di Ventisette  Milano